West Coast Bluefin Bonanza

Hosted Via TourneyX

This jackpot is for the weekend warriors and hardcore fishermen who love the hunt of big bluefin. 




Ask yourself; If you're already hitting the water in hopes of hooking a giant, why not make some extra cash???

The West Coast Bluefin Bonanza is paying a cash prize to the participant that brings in the longest bluefin this summer.


Download the TourneyX app & search West Coast Bluefin Bonanza to register OR click the button at the bottom of the page to be taken directly to contest page



Entry Fee: $100 + $9.30/PayPal & TourneyX fees

$109.30 total


Payout: 1st Place: 85% Cash pay back to the longest fish of the season.

2nd Place: Accurate Reel/ Clear Choice Lures Prize Package

3rd: iRod Fishing Kaimana/ Clear Choice Lures Prize Package


*IF a tie occurs, the participant who made their entry first, will win.

*15% towards prize packages depending on number of participants. The more participants, more prize packages from our sponsors!



1) Pacific Bluefin Tuna Only

2) US residents only

3) Must be 18 or older

4) Identifier will be changed every Thursday. Make sure to check for new identifier!

*IF your entry is made after your identifier expires, you must provide photo WITH time stamp to director via email 3bfishing@gmail.com

5) Photo must be taken directly above fish, looking straight down.

6) Photo must include: 

*Full length of fish

*Full measuring tape


7) Measurement must be from tip of jaw to fork of the tail 

8) No charter vessels with greater than 6 fishing clients on board.  

9) Photo must be legible

10) Tournament director has final say in fish photo approval

11) Participants can make up to 50 entries 

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